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For each patient, if it is 1 in UCLA's SAS help pages are much clearer than SAS's own as regards to using proc transpose in both directions. Here are 4 valuable links Long to Wide with Proc Transpose Wide to Long with Proc Transpose. Long to Wide with Data Step Wide to Long with Data Step PROC TRANSPOSE: Long-to-Wide. First, we will show how to transpose a SAS data set from long to wide, i.e. rows to columns.

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x – The variable of interest to go from long to wide is called. “data”. i(id2) – A  12 Jan 2011 There are 10 variables each with three observation. What we want to do is to reshape the data from wide to long. Three ways are given to fulfill  I'm migrating my work from SAS to rthis is something I've done a ton of times in SAS but new to this level of data wrangling in r.

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1. Simple reshape wide to long.

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Doing this kind of reshaping in SAS can be tricky. We have written a macro (a program) to help you do this kind of standard data reshaping.

Sas long to wide

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PROC TRANSPOSE was designed to either make a long file wide, or a wide file long. That is, either put all of the variables on one record for each by variable, or create one record for every combination of the by variable, the id variable, any variables to be copied, and only one of the to-be-transposed var Prior to joining the SAS Irvine office in 1988, Jim was an instructor at Ventura College and a SAS programmer at The Medstat Group in Santa Barbara. Jim's areas of specialization include the DATA step, application development, web enablement, and the SAS macro language. A native of Southern California, Jim enjoys anything in the warm California

Below we give basic demonstrations using R, SAS, SPSS and Stata to perform the reshaping demonstrated 2014-09-21 · 3 proc transpose in SAS for long and wide format conversion data samp; input row subject $ treatment $ pc20; cards; 1 1 R1 3.23515672 2 1 R2 4.14426184 3 1 R3 5.85422186 4 1 T 4.40670538 5 2 R1 -0.04801373 6 2 R2 3.47731900 7 2 R3 2.88554550 8 2 T 2.44074469 I am a SAS newbie. I try to create a a macro that reshape a matrix to the long format. More specifically, having a matrix i,j I want to transform it to a table : Table(col,row,value) Here my cod PROC TRANSPOSE helps to reshape data in SAS. This tutorial explains the basic and intermediate applications of PROC TRANSPOSE with examples.
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I have a large dataset in SAS that I need to change to wide from long. Basically, the data is sorted with multiple observations for each property for about 10 different years with around 150 variab 2019-06-03 · You can use PROC TRANSPOSE or the SAS DATA step to convert the data from wide form to long form.