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Not sure where to start? Give the “ Home “-example a try. Assets Permalink. All assets can be found in the ha-floorplan repository on GitHub. Here you’ll find the .svg, .css and .yaml used in the example… As a super minimal example of a Lovelace dashboard config, here’s the bare minimum you will need for it to work: title: My Awesome Home views: # View tab title. - title: Example cards: # The markdown card will render markdown text.

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To have your card displayed in the card picker dialog in Lovelace, add an object describing it to the array window.customCards. Required properties of the object are type and name (see example below). Example 1. For example, to make the rooms look darker when the lights are off, you would first need to make a copy of the floor plan and crop the image to just the room that you need. After that, save the image in the www folder. Then, in the Lovelace file, define the element type as an image, set up the light entity for that room.

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The simplest possible example of a custom panel is a single file residing at panels/custom-iframe.html. This custom iframe panel does not render a top bar, and ensures that the iframe fills the entire viewport without overflowing. In short, it makes the embedded webpage take up the entire right half of the screen. Added HA (new) Media Control Card for media_players, so you now have a fancy card.

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It has to be The following is an example lovelace card configuration. 22 Mar 2020 Most users are familiar with the default panels, like the Lovelace dashboard The simplest possible example of a custom panel is a single file